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                        A Fan Site, A Tribute or even a Resuscitation?                         A Fan Site, A Tribute or even a Resuscitation?


Awake Again!

Never just a store
therefore Never really gone.

Back in the Fall 2015, a little comic and game store opened up in the Harewood area of Nanaimo. Two guys, boxes and boxes of comic art, a TV and some game consoles, several tables and board games… If that’s all it was that’d be one thing.

The Two-Headed Giant had one more thing going for it. It was a place where neighborhood kids could go and hang out, keeping out of trouble, socializing and building some strong friendships.

Speaking for myself alone, I have made friends at The Giant that will likely last until I am an old man, drooling onto my shirt in a nursing home (though I suspect they’ll keep in touch more by email and messenger by then :).

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